Our Founder

“Having been born to immigrant parents, I have always deeply appreciated the opportunities afforded to me by living in America. To give back in a meaningful way, I decided to establish a foundation, which led to the creation of the Simon Scholars Program, a unique scholarship program beginning in high school and continuing through four years of college. We focus on students who come from a difficult life and economic circumstances and yet are determined to overcome the many adversities and obstacles facing them. It has been deeply gratifying to see firsthand the life-altering power of engaging, supporting, and nurturing these students who come from all walks of life and ethnicities as they pursue their dream of achieving the American dream of independence and self-sufficiency.”
-Ronald M. Simon

Our Family

For over 20 years, we have worked strategically as a family to develop programs that create significant change in the communities and lives of the people that we serve. The foundation that Ron created in 2002, is now in its third generation of family philanthropists. Getting involved from the beginning, Ron’s daughter Kathy, developed and operated chapters in Atlanta, D.C., & San Diego, expanding our scholarship program nationally. In 2017, Ron’s grandson Ben joined the Foundation, where he found his passion at the intersection of business and philanthropy. Our family’s legacy is primed to continue for generations to come.
The United States is at a critical point. Our jobs, the prices we pay for products, and the heart of American entrepreneurship itself are at stake. Those betting against us say that China is out-competing us, out-innovating us, and not playing by the rules and that, under these circumstances, our defeat is inevitable.
In Tell Me Why I Can't, Ron Simon describes how victory competing in the global market is not just possible but also intrinsic to America's capitalist DNA. Both a moving memoir and captivating case study, Tell Me Why I Can't explores the limitless potential of US entrepreneurism and its unparalleled ability to reward innovation, creativity, and positive disruption. Simon's rise to business greatness is a testament to the power and possibility of the American Dream.