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A first-generation American born in 1934 in Los Angeles, Mr. Simon grew up in humble beginnings. He is the son of immigrants who escaped the virulent anti-Semitism that engulfed their native countries in Europe. His parents worked in a sheet metal factory and his father eventually started a business manufacturing medicine cabinets. Mr. Simon was always interested in entrepreneurial endeavors and ultimately becoming financially independent. As a child, he raised and sold pigeons and collected coca-cola bottles, which he eventually sold for 2 cents apiece. After high school, he studied engineering and worked at various companies before joining his father’s business.
He was able to build this company into the nation’s largest medicine cabinet company and eventually sold it in 1987. In 1989, Mr. Simon started another company called RSI Home Products, which became the largest manufacturer of kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, medicine cabinets, and cultured marble countertops in the world. After achieving his goal of financial independence, Mr. Simon decided to establish a foundation to be able to give back in meaningful ways. This led to the creation of the Simon Foundations and the Simon Scholars Program, which began awarding scholarships in 2003.